- Musicoin hardforked at 5,200,000 block height recently to reduce the miner reward per block from 250 to 50 MUSIC. Musicoin release note
- Globalboosty network is splitted and not working recently due to recent wallet update. You may not get any reward by mining BSTY currently.

Contributor Hashrates

Rank User Name KH/s BCC/Day

General Statistics

Pool Hash Rate 0.000 TH/s
Current Difficulty 270863620059.39
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network) 10 minutes 14 seconds
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool) zero seconds
Est. Shares this Round 16928976254 (done: 0%)
Next Network Block 588717    (Current: 588716)
Last Block Found 0
Time Since Last Block zero seconds
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Last Found Blocks

Block Finder Time Actual Shares
  • Note: Round Earnings are not credited until 16 confirms.